Mapstar: User-centric and Innovative Map-based XR Metaverse

TOP 10 GERMAN Startups - 2022

Sprung by surprise, the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way enterprises go about their day-to-day business, and the startup sector is no exception. Heading into a post-pandemic world, companies are re-strategizing their operational workflows to rein in more powerful, and agile digital applications that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. The reasons behind these changes are plenty, and the topmost being employees working within a hybrid work model. In Germany, the drive has led to many startups taking charge in leading the way to release cheaper yet efficient technology solutions. The innovative tools not only up the overall productivity of a staff force but also guarantee that companies are working in accordance with all required norms from national and regional agencies.

As firms continue to build data mountains to derive state-of-the-art analytics in engaging with their customers, a few trends that they must not overlook is the power of AI and the way by which their information silos are protected. As a perquisite, companies must ensure that data breaches are avoided, and that personal and private information of their users are well encapsulated and out-of-reach from fraudsters. Enterprises failing to do can seriously damage its reputation as a brand, and levy heavy fines or sanctions from the GDPR board. In this edition of Startupcity Europe, our team of senior editors have delved into the length and breadth of the Bavarian nation to find the best startups that offer enterprises technology solutions and services, and VCs a chance to invest in some of the most desired software and hardware-based platforms available in the market currently. Catering to various segments of the industry arena, the startups highlighted in the magazine cover many areas such as Cybersecurity, CRM, Chatbots, ERP, and sensor-based geo and climate technologies, to name a few.

We are proud to present our “Top 10 German Startups  2022”

    Top german Startups

  • CLARK has developed an application that makes it easier, simpler, and faster for consumers to manage customers’ insurance - all in one central app. CLARK combines its industry-leading user experience with personalized and independent advice from insurance experts

  • Mapstar is one of the world’s first companies to develop a map-based extended reality metaverse for the physical world, where users can create, edit, and share XR maps, collaborate with others, and explore the 3D world. Using the point and scan functionalities, users can add digital contents to their maps–texts, links, videos, and 3D objects–that reflects the various facets of their personalities, providing the visitors of the maps with an immersive and remarkably unique experience and enabling them to see the world from their eyes.

  • The Rasa platform provides a standard infrastructure for conversational AI, and its open-source tools have been downloaded over ten million times since its introduction. Rasa is used in production by everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies. All teams can use Rasa to develop tailored, automated consumer encounters at scale. Rasa delivers the infrastructure and resources needed to create the finest assistants, ones that have a significant impact on how customers interact with organisations. Without forwarding customer messages to a hosted, third-party service for processing, Rasa allows clients to conduct their assistant's operations on their own infrastructure.

  • Cognigy


    Cognigy is the leading Enterprise Conversational AI Platform for customer & employee support process automation.This platform Cognigy.AI has a powerful low-code UI that enables anyone to create human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever

  • Future Demand

    Future Demand

    future demand makes sure individuals’ concerts, shows and games sell out. Benefit from data-driven marketing and new insights via an easy-to-use software suite

  • Kopernikus Automotive

    Kopernikus Automotive

    Kopernikus Automotive is the leading developer in automated valet parking (AVP Type 2) technology, which describes an autonomous driving solution

  • N26


    N26 is The Mobile Bank, helping customers’ manage their bank account on-the-go, track their expenses and set aside money in real-time



    OCELL is a Munich-based sustainable tech startup that emerged as a scientific spin-off from the Technical University of Munich

  • Penta


    The whole idea penta is developing a business bank account that can be opened completely online within minutes and is ready to use after a few hours

  • Tracks


    Tracks is a carbon visibility platform that offers a suite of solutions for CO2 allocation and management for the supply chain and logistics industries