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Top 10 Startups in Germany - 2021

The world is currently standing atop a quagmire of uncertainties brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite that, the German tech industry is likely to thrive longer-term due to the accelerated innovation and change of mindset brought about by the unprecedented conditions we are experiencing right now. Digital advancement and a robust tech agenda are no longer fancy industry buzzwords. They are the crucial deciding factors filtering through organisations with weak and manual operating models, leaving behind the stronger ones.

Apart from these factors, the emergence of many startups and younger firms in the German technology sector is another driving factor of the digital revolution. Their products and services are laying the foundation across industries as facilitators of new digital business models. The emergence of startups is also driving many new merger and acquisition (M&A) across the German technology sector. A multitude of large companies are now looking to either aggregate or merge with these smaller companies and strengthen one another. And it is needless to say that those with robust business models (and good equity backing) are likely to thrive.

In addition to the private investments, the German government is also offering stimulus package worth billions for small and medium-sized companies—particularly to those offering digitalisation—to boost the startup culture even more. This is likely to give a push to innovative technologies that support healthcare, reduce contact, augment the workforce, and create better and connected consumer experiences. Simultaneously, it will also funnel higher investment into tech, especially those with unique solutions in the artificial intelligence space—as the push for automation capabilities that can drive operational efficiencies at scale (think call centres) and cost take-out opportunities will be large.

To help the businesses strengthen their operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, StartupCity has compiled a list of the top 10 German startup companies. The list comprises prominent organisations in the industry that address issues by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you StartupCity’s, “Top 10 Startups in Germany – 2021.”

    Top Startups in Germany

  • Celus is the future of electronics engineering. The software offered by the company radically reduces costs and efforts by up to 90 per cent. Furthermore, it eliminates knowledge barriers in the field of electronics engineering. With innovation at its core, the company takes over the tedious work and make electronics engineers the heroes they deserve to be. With the help of the CELUS engineering platform, the company digitalises and simplifies time-consuming electronics engineering processes and create valuable time for problem-solving and upskilling

  • A pioneer in bringing sheet music into a native digital format. Description: Enote is a pioneer in bringing static sheet music into a flexible digital format. To do this, the company has developed an advanced AI-powered computer vision system for Optical Music Recognition (OMR) that is the most accurate in the world. By digitizing the world’s musical heritage, Enote gives musicians unprecedented access to sheet music without the burden of high costs and physical space requirements and enables powerful new features that make working with music scores even better. Enote’s proprietary OMR system analyzes and recognizes music notation elements like note heads, stems, note flags, and more; before semantically reconstructing this notation by creating more high-level music structures and encoding them into native digital format

  • Magazino, a Munich-based company, was founded with the sole purpose of providing adaptable robotics solutions to help supply chain managers streamline their operations and vastly improve efficiencies. Magazino helps logistic-focused companies alleviate the burden on their workforce with its innovative solutions while simultaneously allowing for higher productivities and profit margins. Magazino has designed and developed intelligent robots such as TORU and SOTO that can quickly find their way around in any environment, make decisions independently, are capable of learning, and work reliably and safely with people

  • TAWNY makes Emotion AI technology accessible for business enterprises, as it marks a fundamental shift in how businesses can automatically analyse users' perceptions and experiences to develop better and more human-centric products. The team of experts working with the company believes that unlocking the potential of Emotion AI will enable mankind to embark a new era of human-machine interaction by empowering a machine-supported but human-centric future. Further, the company renders enterprise solutions that allow incorporating emotional intelligence in products, services and experiences. Based on the core-technology of TAWNY, the team develops customised and content-specific algorithms for its clients

  • World of VR is at the forefront of this emerging market, bringing all the XR technologies together in easy-access platforms for business environments. The company also designs, develops, and delivers tailor-made solutions for advertisement, training, and education. Today, World of VR is one of the few players to successfully roll out AR/VR solutions at scale, spanning thousands of devices (hundreds of thousands including VR cardboards). The Possibl app offers standardized pre-made professional VR training modules within a single platform. World of VR has also enables an engaging teaching-learning experience with InnoClassAR App by bringing classic learning materials to life

  • Orbem


    Orbem combines rapid magnetic resonance imaging with advanced deep learning to shed light on the world's toughest challenges. The company is developing fast, accurate, and accessible imaging solutions that provide access to otherwise unattainable sources of knowledge. Based on years of scientific research at the interface of AI and imaging technology, Orbem was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. Headquartered near Munich, Orbem's top tier, international, diverse, and multidisciplinary team is imagining new frontiers every single day to build a healthy and sustainable future

  • Seerene


    Seerene's software analytics platform provides actionable insights into software development processes, source code, system evolution, and software developers. Seerene, using AI, extracts the meta data and analyses it holistically and with respect to various issues in software development, such as for risk prevention, effort estimation, team composition, etc. The analytics platform incorporates all phases of the software development process and software delivery (end-to-end). By leveraging AI to integrate all available data from tools, methods, and metrics, Seerene creates a new foundation of shared knowledge and insights in the form of their ‘Digital Boardroom’, empowering the decision-markers in software engineering

  • Wandelbots


    Wandelbots is a german start-up that is democratizing industrial robotics by enabling everyone to program any robot via smart input devices and example-based teaching. The Wandelbots software backend tracks human motion to live-control industrial robots. Operators can teach automation tasks by demonstration. The software backend builds a machine learning model based on several demonstrations and generates automation workflows which can be refined and optimized with the software tool



    WINGCOPTER's core innovation is its unique tilt-rotor mechanism. It ensures a smooth and robust transition between hovering like a multicopter and efficient forward flying like an airplane. Engineered by a dedicated team in Germany, WINGCOPTER have patented it in all major markets across the world. The current version, the WINGCOPTER 178, is designed to carry up to 6 kilograms of additional payload, covers great distances of up to 120 kilometers and sets the benchmark for commercial VTOL drones, with a world-speed-record of 240 km/h. The WINGCOPTER can be flown autonomously or in position control mode

  • Zeotap


    Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) that helps companies better understand their customers and predict behaviors, to invest in more meaningful experiences. Further, Zeotap enable brands to build on a nucleus of first-party data to win new customers and grow their loyal base. Zeotap's independent but integrated modules include customer data unification, identity resolution, enrichment, analytics/modeling, including in data clean rooms and activation to 100+ partners in the marketing ecosystem